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RASA - REFRACTARIOS ARGENTINOS S.A.I.C.M., was founded in 1965, after setting up a plant in the San Nicolás industrial park, a province of Buenos Aires, for the production of non-molded magnesia refractories. The first press for the production of carbon-magnesia and resin-coated carbon-alumina refractories was installed in 1989, while the second press for the production of tarred-magnesia refractories would be installed in 1999, thus, completing the company's line of molded refractories. MAGNESITA S.A' s technology and a sustainable improving program enabled RASA to strengthen its position in the market and to become the biggest refractory producer in Argentina today, while holding an outstanding position as the main supplier for the local steel industry. At the same time, the company also exported its products to Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela . Between the years of 1994 and 1996, RASA imported technologies from Krosaki Corp., Harbison Walker and National Refractories. In1997, the company was certified with the ISO 9001 Certificate, awarded by CICS - Ceramics Certification Scheme Ltd . - England. In the following year, RASA founded REMSA, a company created for the production of non-molded alumina refractories . Today, RASA has an installed capacity of 32,000 tons per year, being divided into four independent production units, which are located in the same place: a covered area of 8,500m2. The units produce molded refractories, pre-molded and non-molded basic and alumina refractories. Contact us: rasa@rasa.com.ar


Address: C.C. 208 San Nicolás-Buenos Aires Postal Code: 2900 Website: http://www.magnesita.com.br

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